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Wedding Mantra

I am aware that this post is weeks away from the previous one, but I was

For the Vritham (fasting) ceremony
For the Vritham (fasting) ceremony

due to travel to India for my

For the Muhurtam (marriage vows)
For the Muhurtam (marriage vows)


For the Janavaasam (welcoming the boy) & the Reception ceremonies
For the Janavaasam (welcoming the boy) & the Reception ceremonies
For the Nalangu (post-wedding games)
For the Nalangu (post-wedding games)

cousin’s wedding and the family-visits that go along with the occasion.  Needless to say, the shopping; stitching of all the sarees & blouses; and keeping in mind the last-minute details, took up all the time I had.   The wedding went well; ever since then I’ve been travelling around Chennai and other southern cities.

This post is a brief on what I had planned to wear for the various rituals in the wedding.  FYI- I’m a Tamil Brahmin (TamBrahm as we’re usually termed in popular lingo), and our weddings are conducted for 3-4 days; they are made up of rituals, each of which have a beautiful meaning to them.

My outfits during the actual wedding days had definitely succumbed to change.  Meeting the entire family was a huge bonus; weddings are always fun and dramatic that way.

I hope all of you are doing whatever makes you happy this summer.




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