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Escape to the Unknown

I had wanted to type this post out before the start of June.  Well, what can I say?  Being a full-time college student was a lot easier, compared to handling a 24/7 job.  And trust me on this; nobody ever mentions this during one’s University days including the celebratory Graduation Day.  Honestly though, I never did expect to miss so terribly all my carefree moments in the sun and the rain (if you have ever lived in Bangalore, you would know that the ‘rain’ part of it is quite literal).  From bunking classes to chick-chatting while munching on momos; and not to forget, gripping chai cups with more-than-fervent ardour to cajole their warmth onto our bodies during the biting cold winter months.  All these include the oh-so-tiny college experiences which I took for granted… and now I am missing them, with a lot of romanticism colouring these very memories.

On that note, I would like to embark upon the theme of today’s post: escapism.  Simply uttering this word brings to my mind the combined imagery of flapping wings, rang-birangi hot-air balloons, and the season of holi.  Travelling is synonymous to escapism, for don’t we all journey physically and/or mentally, in lieu of reaching a galaxy far far away?  Indulging in various types of sensations, such as eating delectable food or watching a movie on 3-D, allows one to extend their imagination beyond the periphery of all that is normative.  Window-shopping for instance, is yet another means of exploration while remaining within one’s limits; the wallet being the major determinant in this context.  Like many of you out there, I too indulge in this practice, although during my stay in India this been replaced by online window-shopping (combine University lecture-hours with living in a hostel, and this comes by as a natural method of coping).  Websites like,,, and, helped me curb my emotional-shopaholic tendency (of course, saving money in order to eat out came first in terms of expenditure; the hostel food was simply meh).  Limeroad allows shopaholics like us to create scrapbooks, which is a fun way to construct looks by using the styles and brands of clothing, shoes, and handbags, that are available on the site.  The looks that I got to make this week, were the ones that would remind or inspire people to go away on vacation or ‘take a break’ (as is said colloquially).  I hope that everyone reading this keeps in mind, that it is okay to want to be somewhere else for a certain period of time.  I for one would want to live my life in a Bollywood movie!


Painting the Pink City, Red
Painting the Pink City, Red
Goa's Calling
Goa’s Calling
Road trip!!!
Road trip!!!


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