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Best of the Rest: June

With the Sun not ready to compromise anytime soon, another month has passed and has given rise to much more heat and anxiety; for does not one feel impatient and tensed with the temperatures constantly soaring outside?  This is when a fun little blog-post makes more sense than the Sun’s mercilessness upon us mere mortals.

1.  Johnson’s Vita-Rich Brightening body wash with Pomegranate Flower extracts- This has fought and straddled its way to up to the top, whilst beating down my favourite Dove’s Go Fresh body wash

2.  Bio Skincare Papaya body lotion- This 400 ml skin-miracle is moisturising, full of fragrance, inexpensive, and lasts a really long time.

3.  Le Paradis de Nina by Nina Ricci-  This apple-shaped perfume is a wonderful gem.  It smells of warm lemon meringue pie, and lasts till the morning-after.  Even when going out for late-night parties/clubbing, I layer intense perfumes over this one since it serves as a good fragrance base and increases the longevity of the other scents.  This is a total paisa vasool product, which I will definitely splurge money upon again.

4. Flower by Kenzo Le Parfum- This is one heavy-handed perfume.  It creates within me the imagery of being stuck in Audrey Hepburn’s powder-room which (apparently) smells of high-class (or fancy) vanilla, warm amber incense, and musk.  This too lasts forever on my skin, knocking off all the other expensive fragrances from my list.

5.  Faces Cosmetics Hi-Shine nail lacquer in Rose Taupe (07)-  The perfect nude to my dark olive-based skin tone.  The formula indeed eliminates the requirement of a top-coat, while the nail colour itself goes a really long way.

6.  L’oreal Glam Bronze powder duo for Brunettes in Brunette Harmony-  I use this for contouring my face before applying powder.  The copper undertones in the product compliment my skin-tone beautifully, and I find the embossed sun logo super-cute.

7.  Elle 18 Glow Compact in Coral- I bought this powder a few days before leaving for Muscat from Bangalore.  I use this to set my makeup; not only is it inexpensive, but it lingers between covering up one’s imperfections and allowing the skin to shine through.

8. Lakme Absolute Baked Blush- The right amount of pink combined with a tinge of peach.  Sadly, this blush is limited edition which means that is not available in stores anymore.  The newer Lakme blushes are pricey and their colour-range is very normative.

9.  Eyetex kajal-  This kajal gets the ‘A-okay’ for giving me that perfect Indian kohl-rimmed eyes.  The only gripe I have with this is that it smears around my lower eye-area as the day lingers on.  Weirdly enough, instead of making me look like a raccoon it leaves my eyes looking sultry (this could be because I have naturally-large eyes though).

10.  Revlon Just Bitten lipstains-  I currently own four of them; Smitten, Sweetheart, Honey, and Rendezvous.  Since I don’t get much time to re-touch my makeup at work, I layer these beneath all my lipsticks (like a base) to ensure that the respective lipcolor does not completely disappear.

11.  Maybelline Babylips in Pink Lolita-  I assume that Maybelline has reformulated the Babylips range, for these new lippies stain your lips…..which is a good thing.  The old ones used to have little to no colour, which were of no use for my already-pigmented lips.  I apply Pink Lolita on top of Smitten and Rendezvous.  At college, the lipbalm itself used to suffice.

12.  Karna’s Wife by Kavita Kane-  I am in love with this book.  I may be a bit biased since Karna is my second-favourite character from the Mahabharath.  The only (and major) problem I have with Kane’s re-telling of the events, is that she has followed the voice of patriarchy in justifying the horrendous acts that take place in the epic.  Since India is at a crucial point in its gender-politics, I am surprised that Kane has boldly given umpteen silly reasons for the injustice meted out towards the women (mainly Princess Draupadi, who is my all-time favourite character) of the Royal Court.

13.  Deception Point-  Dan Brown’s best-seller has long been overdue.  I was not very keen on continuing to read this; for I found the building up of the events to be painstakingly slow; and the inherent workings of American politics do not fit into my area of interest.  Once N.A.S.A. came into the picture though, the plot suddenly started taking off and I could not stop myself from turning the pages.

That’s all for this month.

LotsofLove 🙂

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