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The Future Challenge

Let's Goooooo to the Future!!!
Let’s Goooooo to the Future!!!

It seems that I have been nominated………no not for the Emmys, but for the Future Challenge by OceanofFear.  She is a really sweet teenager who is opinionated and passionate about her life, much unlike the stubborn ‘don’t-care’ stereotypes Beverly Hills 90210 (2008-2013) or Gossip Girl (2007-2012) had propagated.  Her blog address is  My ever so hearty thanks to OceanofFear.

The rules of this challenge are:

a) To thank the blogger that put you up to challenge
b) To share five things about your ideal future
c) To tag five bloggers and put them up to the challenge
d) To link back to DreamsandMovieScreens, the creator of this tag.

Here goes:

The five things which would be inherent in my ideal future are:

1)  I would be musically gifted.


Reality: I can sing fairly enough, but when it comes to playing instruments I am not able to follow tunes or rhythms.  My guitar instructor used to tell me that I was the most talented in the class, but for some strange reason I just could not put the chords together to create music.  My parents had put me in for piano, keyboard, and guitar classes, while I was at school; but in vain.  Solving differentials came to me more easily than music.

2) I would be married to a man who would be “truly, madly, and deeply” in love with me


Reality: Love hurt me a lot.  It is sheer pain to give and receive nothing in return.  I have only just begun to get out of a longtime relationship which went sour; the whole process has been a great learning experience.  It would be refreshing though to get wooed by a man who goes above and beyond for you.

3) I would be settled comfortably in Turkiye


I love the city of Istanbul, and not simply as a tourist!  I love the city the way I love my home-country of India.  I cannot place my finger upon the emotion, but Istanbul keeps recurring in my dreams; I picked up Turkish strangely fast; and I was the only tourist who loitered around the places like a local.  Each time I see a depiction of the city on T.V. or read about it in a novel, I feel this strange shivery-butterfly travel down my spine and fingers.

4) I would have a Victoria Secret models’ figure in spite of what I eat


Reality: Well…..I am a real woman.

5) I would have possession of Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (1996-2003)


A cute black cat who talks?!  That’s the best sort of cat to have!!

I tag:

You and you and you and……….yes you!!!  Everyone who reads this 🙂

Thank you again to OceanofFear and DreamsdandMovieScreens.

FYI- I own none of these pics.  They are taken from Pinterest and Google Images.



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