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Welcome September!!!

As you all are set to welcome the Fall season with all its eccentricities, I am terribly excited to greet with open arms, none other than my birthday month.  Yes, like a lot of people out there, I am a proud Virgo as well 🙂 .  Although I may not be able to revel in the glory of rolling around in the autumnal leaves, I can still eat cake.  Does it bother me that I am growing older?  Not so much, since I have always been a child at heart.  It does trouble me when I take a look back at my career-chart 😦 .  However I hope to rectify it soon; if my passion does not get fulfilled in the coming months, then I shall start working upon my PhD application (fingers crossed).

I do have a few hauls to feel weirdly happy about; all the items were bought during the month of August during segregated periods of time (the Indian habit of pinching money has managed to get slowly incorporated into my D.N.A.).  I do have a dress haul for my birthday as well, but I shan’t showcase it for I have not used it as yet.  I have the superstition of not displaying newly bought items which I have not worn or used, for when I do show them off, they tend to get spoilt in some way or another.  For instance, ketchup may fall on my expensive dress or the glass vase may get broken.  This problem has occurred several times in the past, so there is no harm in being a bit too careful.

Haul Ahoy!!!

Aladdin Slippers
Aladdin Slippers

     I had bought these at Dubai Gold Souq.

Hair Stuff
Hair Stuff

I bought these at Dubai as well.  The shampoo did not work well with my hair.

M.A.C.!  O.P.I.

M.A.C. Huggable Lipcolour in Flaming Lips

M.A.C. Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed

O.P.I. nail-paint in Lincoln Park After Dark

I had bought these at the Dubai Duty Free.

Sanitising Your Mind
Sanitising Your Mind

Three hand-sanitisers: one for my office-desk, one for my handbag, and one for my vanity-chest.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey Look

Centrepoint Hopping
Centrepoint Hopping

White Grape Earrings

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Iced Caramel

NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie in Happy Buddha

     The birthday countdown has officially begun!  Have a wonderful September, and please remember these three words…..Ice…Cream…Cake…!!!

Lots of Love

Image Courtesy: LoveThisPic.,-let-the-birthday-month-begin




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