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Moving Pictures: Dilwale

The past weekend was a big one for the Bollywood business, with two major films of the year having been released; filmy fans would know them as Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale.  Every Bollywood fanatic had a tough decision to make as to which movie they wanted to watch first; I chose Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale for the simple reason that I am a huge SRK fan.  My parents also wanted to watch the film along with me, which I know would not have occurred if I had decided to watch Bajirao instead.  My parents work a lot and they enjoy watching comic capers with lots of songs and dances.  It does not mean that we do not enjoy intelligent cinema, but we prefer watching the typical Bollywood romcom-action family entertainers during festive occasions.  Dilwale delivers everything that is expected from a Rohit Shetty movie, with the addition of the ever favourtie SRK-Kajol chemistry.

The plot is at its simplest.  Raj Bakshi (Shahrukh Khan) is a normal guy who owns a garage in Goa, which apparently gets in a lot of sports cars.  His younger brother Veer Bakshi (Varun Dhawan) is the apple of his eye, with Raj being extremely overprotective to the extent that he does not allow Veer or any of his employees to date women.  Obviously, Veer and his best friend Sidhu (Varun Sharma) try their best to defy the rules set upon them.  Veer’s eyes soon fall upon the belle of the town, Ishita Malik (Kriti Sanon) who seems oddly oblivious to his frequent passes at her.  When the two finally get together as a couple, they decide to tell their families about their respective other half.  However, Veer’s brother and Ishita’s sister do not seem pleased at all with the pairing.  Raj decides to confront Meera (Kajol), Ishita’s older sister in order to appeal to Veer’s happiness.  When he finally meets her, Raj is taken back to his dark past; memories of his outlaw life and lost love which are suddenly brought back to surface due to Meera’s presence.

The simple storyline is compensated for by SRK and Kajol’s screen presence alone (their combined acting skills require no explanations), alongside the songs which are glamourously shot in Bulgaria.  In fact, the songs are a must-see; they are wonderfully picturised and are melodious to listen to as well.  There is something for the menfolk out there too; if you enjoy watching really expensive cars getting blown up and crashed, this movie will entertain you in that manner.  Thankfully, Johnny Lever and Varun Sharma’s comedy scenes come as a refreshing break from all the drama.

My friends, family, and I enjoyed watching this film immensely; trust me though, one will need to enter the cinema hall whilst leaving their sense of logic outside, and they will not regret doing so even a bit :).

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