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And all that Remains is Emptiness: Empties 2015

As people are getting ready to ring in 2016 with the mandatory New Year’s Eve bash, I have been doing a lot of organising and reorganising in terms of my closet space and vanity chest area; this is when being unemployed comes in handy.  I discovered a few empty packages of products that I had used the entire year, which somehow had made it to the bottom of my vanity instead of the dustbin.  Hence, I thought that it is only justified to make an empties post with these soon-to-be discarded objects.


From bottom-left:

  1. Vaadi Herbals Deep-Pore Cleansing Milk with extracts of aloe vera, lemon, rose water, and jojoba oil-  I loved using this to remove my makeup.  Usually with cleansing creams/lotions, I would still have traces of kajal, mascara, and liquid lipstick, left after utilising the product.  With Vaadi Herbals’ cleanser though, I was not required to go over my face a second time.  I have tried other products from the same brand, and I have grown to love a lot of the items that Vaadi creates, especially since a lot of them are budget-friendly and inspired by ayurveda.  I had bought this in India through the beauty website


2. Vaadi Herbals Under-Eye Cream with extracts of almond oil, pink rose, and cucumber- I have terrible dark circles under my eyes, and no cream ever came close to addressing the problem; most of the products were either too slick, or drying, or so rich that they created spots on my skin.  This eye cream is moisturising yet it does not make your eyes seem as though they are covered in oil.  A little 30 grams jar goes a long way, and I have noticed a slight reduction in the dark colouration of my under-eye area, although it will take a long time to eliminate the dark circles altogether; for I have had them since my teenage years which got worse through the wearing of spectacles and with late-night studying.


3. Maybelline Color Show Crayon Kohl in Peacock Green- I have to be honest; I would not have given this product a second glance if it had not been for the colour, but I feel that this shade of jeweled aquamarine can be easily found amongst the eyeliners of other brands.  First of all, the hue is nowhere close to peacock green, but the colour itself is quite pretty to look at.  It does not last at all on the waterline.  The Color Show Crayon Kohl is not something I would repurchase.

4. Rubee Natural Mango Butter Moisturising Lotion with mango, apricot, cocoa, and chamomile butters- Beware!  This is a body lotion which you will fall in love with 🙂  You get 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz.) of product and it makes one smell like a mango dessert.  Trust me, this will last you a long time with the only negative being that this lotion is not available at many places.  I had bought this at a retail drugstore in Dubai.


5. VLCC Natural Sciences Anti Pollution Lotion SPF 15 with orange and green tea- This was another product that I had ordered from  It is a simple day cream which claims to fight against the effects of pollution on the skin.  I like that this is an inexpensive yet a natural based lotion which is thin enough to moisturise one’s face, and sets quickly so that the makeup can be applied soon after.  Again, I am sure that there are many other variants of this type of product amongst the other brands at the drugstore.


6. Revlon Color Stay Aqua Mineral Makeup- I had bought this at the airport a year back, and this turned out to be one of those purchases that thoroughly confused me.  This works terribly as a foundation, and do not even try to go over your liquid foundation with this; this powder simply does not work in any form.  I did manage to finish it off by using the product for contouring purposes and finally utilising it as a setting powder.  This is a definite no-no for me.


7. Johnson’s Vita-Rich Brightening Body Wash with pomegranate flower extract- This shower-gel does exactly what it is supposed to; it lathers well, smells heavenly, and leaves you feeling refreshed.  This makes me curious to try out Johnson’s Vita-Rich body lotions.


     That is it with my list of empties.  Wishing you all a wonderful 2016!  Cheers to a lot of love and happiness for the upcoming year :).



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