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Resolving the Resoultions for 2016

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My 2016 is off to quite a rocky start.  One of my life’s plans fell through, and I am confused all over again.  As J.R.R. Tolkien says, “Not all those who wander are lost” (The Fellowship of the Ring, Chapter 10, Strider); hopefully I shall not wander for too long.  In the meantime I have been studying for my upcoming end-of-term exams, which denotes that I look like a miniature panda with deep dark rings around my eyes.

Each New Year however starts with people making up a gajillion resolutions and breaking them almost immediately.  This is how I have been faring with my almost realistic resolutions for 2016:

  1. Drink fewer cups of chai a day:


I knew this would be a bust.  My chai habits are akin to another person’s coffee craze; what with all the studying, I have gone up on the number of cups per day instead of reducing the amount.  I do hope to revert to two cups of chai per day, after my exams are done with.

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2. Drink more green tea:


This is a continuation from the first one; apparently I had planned to replace my unnecessary cups of chai (necessary ones include the morning and the evening time chai) with green tea.  It has not been going well, but I do have a collection of different fruit-infused teas from Sri Lanka which I hope to try soon.  This is definitely something I will be working on this entire year.

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3. Read a lot more:


Yes, I am a proud librocubicularist and I wish to remain one.

4. Less is more:


I am already following this in terms of my wardrobe and shoes; being unemployed makes it a whole lot easier.  I still need to apply the ‘less is more’ philosophy to makeup and skincare, which I am doing moderately well for now.  I did do some shopping at the start of New Year’s and that has been it.  For instance, I realised that a separate serum was not required since my normal moisturiser already gives me the required amount of hydration.  Also, it is easier to use plain coconut oil for several skincare related queries instead of purchasing those really expensive facial oils.  I have succeeded in not listening to a lot of beauty ‘gurus’ about things that are not really required for me at the instant.

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5. Remove makeup before going to bed:


Do you know those days when you just feel like going to bed without any fuss?  I feel like that everyday.  Not a good habit!

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6. Avoid the ‘poo’


I have been using conditioners to cleanse my hair from the start of 2016.

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7. Get a tattoo


This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a few years, but there are no tattoo parlours around here.  I could have got it done whilst studying in India, and I was saving money for it.  I did end up spending the moolah on a holiday trip to the beach side with my friends though :).  And yes, I do plan on getting a tiny elephant tattoo….for the first one.

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There you go….my not-so-realistic albeit practical resolutions for 2016.  How are you doing with all your plans for 2016?

And now onto some beauty stuff…just to ease the eyes:











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