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The Lip Love Series: Peaches and Tomato

Much like several lipstick and lipgloss aficionados, I own a lot of products, but unfortunately I am never able to give them the ‘love’ they deserve.  Hence, I devised a pattern of usage, wherein 3-4 lipsticks/glosses from a particular colour family are to be used in a week’s time.  These are the ones which I have been using since last Wednesday:


From left to right:

  1. NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in 147 Candy Shop
  2. Rimmel London Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss in 100 Tutti Frutti
  3. ELF Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral
  4. NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in 137 A Perfect Red


ELF Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral

     I had bought this from, and I have to say that I am really enjoying trying out the ELF Mineral lipsticks.  Cool Coral is my perfect shade of bronzed orange, since it plays up the golden hues in my dusky skin (I have a warm undertone).  The lipstick itself is quite shimmery yet opaque after a few swipes, but the smell of it is quite crayon-like.  The problem I have with the ELF Mineral lipsticks is that they are not long-lasting at all, and they can succumb quickly to food especially if you eat oily Indian snacks like I do.  I think this product is something that would play up to one’s summer beach tan. If you are looking for the ‘coral’ part of the shade though, I don’t think that you’d find it; neither is the colour any close to being on the ‘cool’ side of things.  The lipstick is essentially a golden-orange.  I would definitely recommend this product to those dusky girls out there who are on the lookout for a flattering shade of orange lipstick.


NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in A Perfect Red

     If there were to be one true-red which could act as a lipstick and a gloss, it would be NYX’s lipgloss in A Perfect Red.  This particular formula has no shimmer at all, but lots of shine which gives makes the blue-based red come alive.  The formula is glossy yet it sticks to the lips.  The red is incredibly opaque, and the colour itself lasts through eating and drinking, albeit with the gloss getting transferred onto the cups and spoons.  This is the only ‘lipgloss’ that I always take with me to all the Indian weddings.


Rimmel London Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss in Tutti Frutti

     Do you remember those old school squeeze-tube lipglosses which used to taste like various types of candy?  Rimmel London’s version is exactly that, with each one of these deliciously named shades lending sheer coverage with tonnes of gloss.  If you are seeking colour intensity with this product, then the Jelly Sheer lipglosses are not the way to go.  If you do want a long-wearing gloss without being burdened by bright hues and the goopy texture that comes along with it, then I’d recommend this to you.  The Jelly Sheers taste great and they add a little fun to one’s daily makeup routine.


NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in Candy Shop 

      Unlike A Perfect Red, this lipgloss is flecked with gold shimmer, which is quite visible from the outside of the tube itself.  The texture of the product though is quite the same; it is long-wearing and shiny, without the colour payoff of NYX’s aforementioned gloss.  Candy Shop is the lipgloss equivalent to ELF’s Cool Coral.  Once cannot go wrong with the Megashine lipglosses; the product line itself calls for a repurchase.

     I hope you loved the first of the aptly titled ‘Lip Love’ series.  Please be on the lookout for more of these posts coming your way.





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