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On a Holi-Day

Hey everyone!  How is your Spring cleaning going along?  In this part of the world, the winter showers have given way to a very-hot summer.  Along with this change in seasons, came Holi which brought along its own set of colours to Spring/Summer.  I was one of the lucky few who had got to celebrate the festival in India over the last two years; the occurrences had shocked and surprised me…in a good way.  Holi here isn’t celebrated in such a ‘wild’ manner, but I did get unwanted colours applied to my face by unknown people, so I guess that counts :).  What I love most about Holi is that it gives me an excuse to buy new clothes, especially brightly hues ones.  The shades that I have been obsessed with for quite a while are those resembling dark green; for instance, teal, seafoam, emerald, shamrock, parakeet, pine, basil, etc.


Sourced from

green polish

Sourced from

     Of course, I’m currently on holiday from the school I’m interning at and due to my parents’ ‘suggestion’ I will be going on a long trip to India to visit my family.  One thing I am excited about is meeting my friends;amazingly enough, graduating from university and going our separate ways have brought us all closer together.  Reminiscing aside, I’m going to indulge in some online shopping…definitely :).  Enough said.  Please enjoy my collection of everything elegantly green.

Green with Holi

My look on Limeroad

Yes, I love the ferozi coloured saree.  Have a wonderful holiday/work time y’all.  Mmmuah.




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