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Feasting…Arabian Nights Style :)

Hey y’all :)!  As promised, I’m back with a foodie post.  My class-fellows and I had gone to this awesome awesome restaurant for our celebratory Iftaar dinner.  Kargeen Caffe is truly the epitome of everything that is multi-cuisine and Arabianesque ambience.  I know for a fact that everyone who visits Muscat, aspires to eat at Kargeen.  During the Ramadan months however, the place is particularly packed since it’s famous for its Iftaar menu.  It was quite tough for us to get a booking itself, but we pulled through in the end.  Here’s a preview of the splendid aura of the eatery:


     Impressed yet?  I thought so!  Oh wait, wasn’t I talking about Iftaar?  The menu keeps changing everyday of the week, only during the Ramadan months.  Thankfully (for vegetarians like yours truly), the buffet offers a good variation for meat-lovers and the rest of us.  A word of warning though; you’ll have to stand first in line, ’cause people are quite hungry after several hours of fasting, and the food is exceptionally good; everyone literally attacks the food.  And yes, there’s dessert as well :).

      The right-hand side image is that of tamarind juice by the way, which actually tastes better than it sounds.

     After the meal, we had decided to borrow the wait-staff’s props in order to practise some ELT-style drilling :).


     This was my special Iftaar.  How was yours?

All images are my own.

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