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The Ugly Shoe

The Ugly Shoe

Knit top
9.499 OMR –

Lace skirt
35 OMR –

Birkenstock pink shoes
42 OMR –

Oscar de la Renta crystal jewelry
165 OMR –

Crayo pink watch
26 OMR –

Agent 18 tech accessory
5.763 OMR –

Essie nail polish
3.465 OMR –



Hey everyone :) ! This blog is for all those who share my obsession with beauty, fashion, books, and movies. Yes, it seems like a potpourri at first, but one can never entertain a single interest alone; at least I cannot. I'm also a cat-lover or an ailurophile as they call it. This blog will essentially include my random musings and reviews on everything mentioned above and more (of course, I can't review cats, for I truly love them all). Please feel free to contribute and/or critique upon my posts. Lots of love out there to you :) .

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