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Here I Come 2017!

Hi ya’ll ūüėá.  How have you been doing?  My 2016 was rather rough, due to which I had stayed away from this blog.  Now that   I’m back from India with a new and improved vision of positivity, please allow me to share the first micro-mini haul of the year.


There’s no one brave enough to resist a Bath & Body Works Sale; not even in 2017.

Lots of Love ‚̧ԳŹ

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Comeback:What I’ve been Doing and Loving all this while

A big hello to everyone!¬† How have y’all been doing?¬† Before you start asking, no…..I haven’t given up on LotsofLove.¬† I’ve been working as a full-time teacher for over two months now….and it’s kept me on my toes.¬† I’ve learned the hard way to never wear heels to class; to prepare tonnes more than the students themselves; and to survive on a few hours of sleep a day.¬† I’m far from being a pioneer in the profession; I’ve just about got my bearings.¬† I do enjoy teaching though, especially since all my students are adults; I learn as much from them as they do from me.


Teaching has kept me busy, but I still did manage to shop for a few ‘essentials’ over these past few months ;).¬† My bestie had informed me that there was a local Boots¬† in town, and I knew that I just had to visit the place.¬† The store is incredible tiny, but there are a slew of beauty products that are quite new to Oman and to me.¬† The prices are a bit higher than usual; what the U.K. terms as ‘drugstore’ commodities are sold at department store rates here.


After a lot of deliberation, I had managed to walk out of the store with three items:

  1. Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick in 380 Dark Night Waterl-oops!– This is a starkly vibrant midnight plum lippie.¬† To be honest, I had bought the lipstick ’cause it had reminded me of the Batman comics I used to read as a child.¬† Once I swatched it at the store though, I fell in love with the colour and the glossy-smooth texture of the lipstick.
  2. Rimmel’s Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet in 206 Atomic Rose– This shade is one’s common nudey-pink.¬† I’ve never had a nude liquid lipstick before, so I had decided to try this out.¬† I’m quite pleased with its texture and longevity.¬† I can only truly give my feedback though after testing this out on the big fat Indian meal :).
  3. Boots Cucumber SPF 15 Moisturising Lotion– I was actually on the lookout for a good daytime moisturiser that would give me some protection, radiance, and yet not make my face look like an oil-field.¬† This lotion sounded good, but it didn’t do anything great for my skin.¬† My Olay Complete Radiance moisturiser was a lifesaver once this one got done with.

I did manage to shop for Eid-al-Adha as well.


  1. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst– I got addicted to this liquid lipstick the moment I put it on.¬† The shade is right in-between purple and fuchsia; it’s completely unique and can give beautiful combinations when applied with pinks and magentas.
  2. Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in Rich Chocolate– This lip balm is the older, sexier, and sophisticated version of Maybelline’s Baby Lips.¬† The cost is definitely higher, but this is a beautifully coloured veritable treat for one’s lips.¬† The texture of the balm is soft, and the colour pay-off is the highest I’ve every seen in any lip balm.¬† It also smells of the¬† vanilla-caramel that is inherent amongst all the M.A.C. lipsticks.


The ‘I Love….’ body products range has popped up all around our local drugstores, and dare I say…..I love them :).¬† The scents and textures are any The Body Shop Lover’s dream, but for half the price.¬† Their body spritzers are a bit too tiny, so I’ve never been intrigued to try them.¬† The shower gel and the body butter though have earned their place in my ‘bath time essentials’.

Several dry shampoos have been flooding the drugstore shelves lately; one amongst them is…….drumroll please…….


Yes!¬† The Batiste Dry Shampoo.¬† I got the one in Oriental which smells like a mix of flowers and musk.¬† I for one, can’t imagine what I’ve been doing for so long without a dry shampoo.¬† I don’t like putting too much product on my hair, which has always steered me away from the logic of using dry shampoos; only when I sprayed it on my roots and brushed my hair, did I realise that it gives a beautiful ‘oomph’ to my flat hair.¬† My waves look a lot more prominent when I use Batiste.¬† This has given me the confidence to try out the other dry shampoos out there.

This report pertaining my whereabouts has thus come to an end.¬† I’m going away on a short trip for the Eid-al-Adha holidays.¬† I hope that y’all out there have a wonderful Fall/Autumn.¬† It’ll be Summer here in Muscat till the end of October.


Featured image courtesy:



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The Lip Love Series: Roses

Welcome to the second episode of the Lip Love Series :).  This post includes three pink lipsticks, and a nude E.L.F. one.


From left-right:

Essence Matte in 10 Cotton Candy

Faces Go Chic in 226 Petal Me Out

Coloressence in 203 Pink of Glam

E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink


Essence Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 10 Cotton Candy– Essence as a cosmetics line is not taken seriously by beauty and makeup enthusiasts, but it definitely should be.¬† I have tried their eyeshadows, mascara, foundation, powder, lipsticks, and nail polishes.¬† Honestly, I have had a good experience with all their products.¬† This lipstick too fits the bill in terms of the quality; the colour is a pretty fuchsia, but the texture is definitely not matte.¬† The lipstick is partially glossy which allows the colour to comfortably stay on the lips, and it lasts through one’s coffee and chai breaks.¬† In the case of a full-on brunch/lunch/supper/dinner session, reapplications of the product are surely required.


Faces Cosmetics Go Chic in 226 Petal Me Out– I had bought this along with a nude nail polish at the Faces Cosmetics outlet in India.¬† Usually when I’m shopping from a specific brand for the first time, I either decide upon a lipstick or a foundation/powder product.¬† The reason being that if a brand can master the lip and the face categories, then it pretty much seals the deal for me.¬† Their eyeshadow range was not tempting in the least, and the sales people were not hustling at all; finally settled on a lipstick and I have to say that I’m quite happy with it (I already had several face products at that point, and I didn’t feel compelled to buy a new one).¬† The colour is a mimosa pink and the texture is creamy, with the lip wear lasting through a few lattes or drinks.¬† It does the job of a good lipstick, but if longevity is on your mind then I’d recommend a liquid lipstick.¬† If you pass by any Faces outlet, then take my suggestion and check out their collection of lippies and nail paints.


Coloressence lipstick in 203 Pink of Glam– If you’re planning to do some lipstick shopping in India, then please order some Coloressence products of the same from the online retail sites; Flipkart even makes some beauty-in-a-box stuff with the brand.¬† I’ve been hooked onto Coloressence ever since I tried their pinky-nude beauty-in-a-box.¬† The lipsticks are more like an opaquely coloured lipbalm; they are soft, creamy, long wearing, inexpensive, and they smell like rosewater.¬† Pink of Glam is a punchy pink; a general blue-based pink which will suit most skin tones.¬† I have a few more lipsticks from the brand, so please do be on the lookout for them.


E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink– This colour is a blush-toned nude.¬† I loooooooove the hue of this lipstick; it’s a very my-lips-but-better shade.¬† I think this complements both the fair and dark skin tones, as long there’s an undertone of warmth in the person’s skin colour.¬† This particular lipstick is quite moisturising; trust me, the E.L.F. Mineral lipsticks are not consistent in texture.¬† This is a definite repurchase for me.

¬†¬†¬†¬† Out of the set, I would recommend E.L.F.’s Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink and Coloressence’s Pink of Glam.¬† I hope you all enjoyed the Roses edition of the Lip Love Series.

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The Lip Love Series: Peaches and Tomato

Much like several lipstick and lipgloss aficionados, I own a lot of products, but unfortunately I am never able to give them the ‘love’ they deserve.¬† Hence, I devised a pattern of usage, wherein 3-4 lipsticks/glosses from a particular colour family are to be used in a week’s time.¬† These are the ones which I have been using since last Wednesday:


From left to right:

  1. NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in 147 Candy Shop
  2. Rimmel London Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss in 100 Tutti Frutti
  3. ELF Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral
  4. NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in 137 A Perfect Red


ELF Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral

¬†¬†¬†¬† I had bought this from, and I have to say that I am really enjoying trying out the ELF Mineral lipsticks.¬† Cool Coral is my perfect shade of bronzed orange, since it plays up the golden hues in my dusky skin (I have a warm undertone).¬† The lipstick itself is quite shimmery yet opaque after a few swipes, but the smell of it is quite crayon-like.¬† The problem I have with the ELF Mineral lipsticks is that they are not long-lasting at all, and they can succumb quickly to food especially if you eat oily Indian snacks like I do.¬† I think this product is something that would play up to one’s summer beach tan. If you are looking for the ‘coral’ part of the shade though, I don’t think that you’d find it; neither is the colour any close to being on the ‘cool’ side of things.¬† The lipstick is essentially a golden-orange.¬† I would definitely recommend this product to those dusky girls out there who are on the lookout for a flattering shade of orange lipstick.


NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in A Perfect Red

¬†¬†¬†¬† If there were to be one true-red which could act as a lipstick and a gloss, it would be NYX’s lipgloss in A Perfect Red.¬† This particular formula has no shimmer at all, but lots of shine which gives makes the blue-based red come alive.¬† The formula is glossy yet it sticks to the lips.¬† The red is incredibly opaque, and the colour itself lasts through eating and drinking, albeit with the gloss getting transferred onto the cups and spoons.¬† This is the only ‘lipgloss’ that I always take with me to all the Indian weddings.


Rimmel London Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss in Tutti Frutti

¬†¬†¬†¬† Do you remember those old school squeeze-tube lipglosses which used to taste like various types of candy?¬† Rimmel London’s version is exactly that, with each one of these deliciously named shades lending sheer coverage with tonnes of gloss.¬† If you are seeking colour intensity with this product, then the Jelly Sheer lipglosses are not the way to go.¬† If you do want a long-wearing gloss without being burdened by bright hues and the goopy texture that comes along with it, then I’d recommend this to you.¬† The Jelly Sheers taste great and they add a little fun to one’s daily makeup routine.


NYX Lipgloss with Megashine in Candy Shop 

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Unlike A Perfect Red, this lipgloss is flecked with gold shimmer, which is quite visible from the outside of the tube itself.¬† The texture of the product though is quite the same; it is long-wearing and shiny, without the colour payoff of NYX’s aforementioned gloss.¬† Candy Shop is the lipgloss equivalent to ELF’s Cool Coral.¬† Once cannot go wrong with the Megashine lipglosses; the product line itself calls for a repurchase.

¬†¬†¬†¬† I hope you loved the first of the aptly titled ‘Lip Love’ series.¬† Please be on the lookout for more of these posts coming your way.



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Weekend Haul

I had met my lovely friend a few weekends back, and of course that had given us an excuse to window shop…..which eventually lead to shopping itself.¬† I had bought an eye-shadow palette from H&M for my friend; the quality was so great that I felt obliged to buy a few products for myself.


From top to bottom:

Bronzing Powder in Dark Tan, Bronzer, and Highlighter

Nail polish in 501 Go Nuts

Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

¬†¬†¬†¬† From H&M, we headed onward to Carrefour; my friend had wanted to buy a hair-straightener from Babyliss, and the counter was stationed quite nearby to Essence’s makeup stand.


From left:

Essence I ‘heart’ Trends nail polish The Nudes in 02 I Nude It

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in 13 Laugh, Love, Lime

     We had also got quite interested in the collection of shirts and blouses priced rather inexpensively.


     The following weekend I was in search of a drugstore concealer and mascara.  Unfortunately the Maybelline counter here did not have the Instant Age Rewind Concealer, so I had to look for a new one altogether.

Diana of London Protouch Concealer and Instant Highlighter in 04

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara: I have to admit; the corset-design had caught my eye.

     Of course, all this hauling had to be followed by dinner and coffee.


I hope you all enjoyed going through my shopping cart :).


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Wedding Guest

Wedding Guest


Christian Louboutin patent leather shoes
165 OMR¬†–¬†

Black bag
11 OMR¬†–¬†

Kastur Jewels handcrafted jewelry
46 OMR¬†–¬†

River Island gold bangle
9.241 OMR¬†–¬†

Black jewelry
2.923 OMR¬†–¬†

Yves Saint Laurent pencil eyeliner
13 OMR¬†–¬†

Mac cosmetic
7.701 OMR¬†–¬†

Sari Foil Print Wd Wine
5.002 OMR¬†–¬†

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And These are a Few of my Favourite Things: January 2016 Edition

It is time for a quite late Favourites of the Month.  How was your January?  Mine was pretty so-so; there were major decisions which had to be made and I brushed them under the rug.  Nevertheless, makeup motivates one to put their best face forward.  Hence without further ado, I present the favourites for January 2016:


  1. Prestige Color Plus Multivitamins Nail Lacquer in 24 Aloha- The colour is a beautiful lavender with silver shimmer.  The only problem is that the nail lacquer chips within a maximum of three days.



2.  Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance Natural Healthy Glow Unifying Powder in 55 Beige Fonce- I am about to hit pan on this, and I have been using this as an all-over face-powder for over three months now.  I have super-oily skin, and this does make my face matte without being overly drying.  This apparently has some fruit ingredients in its formulation, such as Yuzu fruit and Sharon fruit.



3.¬† Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 853 Pillow Talk- Also mentioned in Welcoming the New Colours of 2016, Rimmel’s nail lacquers come in an array of colours, and one does not need to pay an arm and a leg for quality.¬† The shade of light periwinkle blue is superbly pretty.¬† Of course, it does not dry in 60 seconds but nevertheless it is fast-drying.¬† The polish does not chip easily, and the formulas come in small-sized bottles of 8 ml.¬† Hence, one has more opportunities to try more colours and shades from the brand.


From X~press!ons Style

4.¬† Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit in Medium- Mentioned in Packaged with Love.¬† I am in love with this palette.¬† In fact, ever since it’s arrival I have been trying my hand at contouring on a daily basis.¬† This is definitely something I will repurchase once I hit pan.



5.  Yardley London eye pencil in dark green- This eye pencil is a Jane Doe; it has been with me for so long that the actual product and shade name has got wiped off from its cover.  The colour is a beautiful matte emerald green.  My only beef with this product is that it does not stay on the water-line.  It does work extremely well though, to line the upper and lower lash lines.



6.¬† Mikyajy Line and Precision Eye Pencil in 501- I am so glad that I happened upon this.¬† This beautiful green colour stays on the water-line, and it is extremely bright.¬† If you are in search of kajal pencils with intense colours and long wearing formulas, then I would highly suggest Mikyajy’s range of eye pencils and kajals.


From Mikyajy

7.¬† Catrice Cosmetics Lip Colour Intensifier in Ultimate Lip Glow- This is one of those lip-balmy formulations which enhance the natural colour of one’s lips.¬† I would recommend using this over a light lip-balm, since the formula is rather drying.¬† I usually wear this over my pink Maybelline Baby Lips.¬† After a couple of swipes with Catrice’s Colour Intensifier, the lips get a really pretty stained effect.


From Catrice Cosmetics

8.  Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil- This is plain old coconut oil which a lot of Indian families use for cooking and beauty purposes.  I have been using this to oil my hair before shampooing, and it has really made a huge difference in the condition of my chemically coloured hair.  I use the original formulation, but there are many other types of Parachute Coconut oils which cater to various hair problems.


From Parachute

9.¬† Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm in 200 Keep Mauving- The shade name has got totally wiped off from the product’s cover.¬† The colour I have is a cool-toned mauve.¬† The ‘balm’ smells like vanilla cake, and it applies quite smoothly onto the lips.¬† The texture is glossy, but I would still advise people to wear a lip balm underneath it.¬† The colour itself does last, but it withers away quickly upon drinking and eating.¬† The Revlon Colourburst Balms are more long lasting, but I love the colour and texture of this product better.


From Rimmel London U.S. website

10.¬† Lakme Sheer Satin Lip Gloss- I do not remember the shade number of this product, but this too is a sparkly mauve colour.¬† Yes, I have quite a few mauves in my makeup collection, don’t I?¬† I usually top the Rimmel mauve Colour Rush balm (mentioned above) with this gloss.¬† The product is sheer in colour, but the sparkles are what bring the lips alive.


From Lakme Makeup

11.¬† Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in 20 Pinch O’ Pink- This is a light peachy-pink which may show up on really fair skin tones.¬† Unfortunately this used to do nothing for me.¬† I had tried to use this as a highlighter but it wasn’t strong enough even for that purpose.¬† However I came to realise that when used underneath my regular blushes, this ended up giving some dimension to my face.¬† This product has become a part of my daily makeup routine now.



12.¬† L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude in 01 Rose- This is a palette of cool neutrals; I already own a few warm toned neutral palettes.¬† I like that there is a mix of roses, slates, and an orangey-apricot shade as well.



     Well, one can never survive on makeup alone; people need to eat as well.  This was my favourite snack throughout the month of January.  They could make a mountain out of this, and I would live there :).

    Milkybar Buttons

     I hope you all enjoyed going through my favourites for January 2016.