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Here I Come 2017!

Hi ya’ll ūüėá.  How have you been doing?  My 2016 was rather rough, due to which I had stayed away from this blog.  Now that   I’m back from India with a new and improved vision of positivity, please allow me to share the first micro-mini haul of the year.


There’s no one brave enough to resist a Bath & Body Works Sale; not even in 2017.

Lots of Love ‚̧ԳŹ

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Comeback:What I’ve been Doing and Loving all this while

A big hello to everyone!¬† How have y’all been doing?¬† Before you start asking, no…..I haven’t given up on LotsofLove.¬† I’ve been working as a full-time teacher for over two months now….and it’s kept me on my toes.¬† I’ve learned the hard way to never wear heels to class; to prepare tonnes more than the students themselves; and to survive on a few hours of sleep a day.¬† I’m far from being a pioneer in the profession; I’ve just about got my bearings.¬† I do enjoy teaching though, especially since all my students are adults; I learn as much from them as they do from me.


Teaching has kept me busy, but I still did manage to shop for a few ‘essentials’ over these past few months ;).¬† My bestie had informed me that there was a local Boots¬† in town, and I knew that I just had to visit the place.¬† The store is incredible tiny, but there are a slew of beauty products that are quite new to Oman and to me.¬† The prices are a bit higher than usual; what the U.K. terms as ‘drugstore’ commodities are sold at department store rates here.


After a lot of deliberation, I had managed to walk out of the store with three items:

  1. Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick in 380 Dark Night Waterl-oops!– This is a starkly vibrant midnight plum lippie.¬† To be honest, I had bought the lipstick ’cause it had reminded me of the Batman comics I used to read as a child.¬† Once I swatched it at the store though, I fell in love with the colour and the glossy-smooth texture of the lipstick.
  2. Rimmel’s Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet in 206 Atomic Rose– This shade is one’s common nudey-pink.¬† I’ve never had a nude liquid lipstick before, so I had decided to try this out.¬† I’m quite pleased with its texture and longevity.¬† I can only truly give my feedback though after testing this out on the big fat Indian meal :).
  3. Boots Cucumber SPF 15 Moisturising Lotion– I was actually on the lookout for a good daytime moisturiser that would give me some protection, radiance, and yet not make my face look like an oil-field.¬† This lotion sounded good, but it didn’t do anything great for my skin.¬† My Olay Complete Radiance moisturiser was a lifesaver once this one got done with.

I did manage to shop for Eid-al-Adha as well.


  1. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst– I got addicted to this liquid lipstick the moment I put it on.¬† The shade is right in-between purple and fuchsia; it’s completely unique and can give beautiful combinations when applied with pinks and magentas.
  2. Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in Rich Chocolate– This lip balm is the older, sexier, and sophisticated version of Maybelline’s Baby Lips.¬† The cost is definitely higher, but this is a beautifully coloured veritable treat for one’s lips.¬† The texture of the balm is soft, and the colour pay-off is the highest I’ve every seen in any lip balm.¬† It also smells of the¬† vanilla-caramel that is inherent amongst all the M.A.C. lipsticks.


The ‘I Love….’ body products range has popped up all around our local drugstores, and dare I say…..I love them :).¬† The scents and textures are any The Body Shop Lover’s dream, but for half the price.¬† Their body spritzers are a bit too tiny, so I’ve never been intrigued to try them.¬† The shower gel and the body butter though have earned their place in my ‘bath time essentials’.

Several dry shampoos have been flooding the drugstore shelves lately; one amongst them is…….drumroll please…….


Yes!¬† The Batiste Dry Shampoo.¬† I got the one in Oriental which smells like a mix of flowers and musk.¬† I for one, can’t imagine what I’ve been doing for so long without a dry shampoo.¬† I don’t like putting too much product on my hair, which has always steered me away from the logic of using dry shampoos; only when I sprayed it on my roots and brushed my hair, did I realise that it gives a beautiful ‘oomph’ to my flat hair.¬† My waves look a lot more prominent when I use Batiste.¬† This has given me the confidence to try out the other dry shampoos out there.

This report pertaining my whereabouts has thus come to an end.¬† I’m going away on a short trip for the Eid-al-Adha holidays.¬† I hope that y’all out there have a wonderful Fall/Autumn.¬† It’ll be Summer here in Muscat till the end of October.


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Weekend Haul

I had met my lovely friend a few weekends back, and of course that had given us an excuse to window shop…..which eventually lead to shopping itself.¬† I had bought an eye-shadow palette from H&M for my friend; the quality was so great that I felt obliged to buy a few products for myself.


From top to bottom:

Bronzing Powder in Dark Tan, Bronzer, and Highlighter

Nail polish in 501 Go Nuts

Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

¬†¬†¬†¬† From H&M, we headed onward to Carrefour; my friend had wanted to buy a hair-straightener from Babyliss, and the counter was stationed quite nearby to Essence’s makeup stand.


From left:

Essence I ‘heart’ Trends nail polish The Nudes in 02 I Nude It

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in 13 Laugh, Love, Lime

     We had also got quite interested in the collection of shirts and blouses priced rather inexpensively.


     The following weekend I was in search of a drugstore concealer and mascara.  Unfortunately the Maybelline counter here did not have the Instant Age Rewind Concealer, so I had to look for a new one altogether.

Diana of London Protouch Concealer and Instant Highlighter in 04

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara: I have to admit; the corset-design had caught my eye.

     Of course, all this hauling had to be followed by dinner and coffee.


I hope you all enjoyed going through my shopping cart :).


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Break from Monotony

This has been a lengthy break from my already lethargic blogging activity; as is pretty apparent, quite a lot has happened over the past two months.  I ended up quitting my job, since I seemed to running around like a headless chicken at work, whilst being involved at tasks I did not really have my heart set upon.  I began poring over my new B. Ed (Bachelor of Education) textbooks and I managed to complete all the handwritten assignments on time.  Honestly, I had felt that my M.A. in English Literature was quite useless till I managed to quit my Administration job and took a personal vow to get into the field of higher education.  I know that I have a long road ahead of me, especially in terms of developing a thesis proposal and getting it accepted by universities, but at the very least I am enjoying everything that I am currently involved in at the moment.

After having completed my assignments/homework, I had to travel to my hometown to sort out a few issues.  I had envisioned spending a good time with my family in Chennai, but as several people may have seen on the news, the Chennai Floods ended up ferociously destroying anything and everything in its path.  Thankfully my family and I were safe, and we managed to send out rations of rice and pulses to help out the less fortunate.  My family-members fell terribly ill (physically and mentally) and I had to step up and take responsibility of the household matters.  I managed to get a flight back with a lot of difficulty; found out quite late that I contracted a communicable disease during the floods.  For now, I am getting tended to my bout of sickness by my parents.  You can read more about the Chennai Floods here.

Before travelling to Chennai, I had not expected (in fact, none of us had done so) the climate to malfunction at such an enormous rate, due to which I had managed to do some online shopping from here; the items had got delivered to my relative’s place in Chennai. ¬†While I was studying in India, online shopping was the way to go, for one rarely ever found time to get away from the university’s clutches. ¬†Flipkart became all the rage amongst us hostel women, for we could get dresses, cosmetics, accessories, bath and body care, etc.; at our desired budgets without having to move away from the comfort of our rooms. ¬†Having been a Lit student, I got used to ordering a ton of novels from the website, and they ALWAYS delivered whatever I ordered within 4-5 days max. ¬†What I love about Flipkart the most is their efficiency; their return-policy is excellent; ¬†and their products range from being insanely inexpensive to outlandishly sophisticated. ¬†I had once even got my cash back when a particular product that I had ordered was not available. ¬†This time around, I had ordered two ethnic wear pieces alongside some Indian-inspired dangler-earrings.

The brand Cenizas has a good selection of graphic printed kurtas and kurtis.

Sea-green Bead Earrings

Another website that I used to shop from while at India is Vajor; this one is reserved for special occasions. ¬†They have a beautiful selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories; which are quite refined for the slightly high price-range. ¬†My very first order from Vajor was a khakhi and dark brown lycra dress, which gets complimented upon by onlookers to date; it is extremely well-tailored and random passersby ask me about it whenever I’m seen in it. ¬†With Vajor, I like that I get to own special pieces which everyone may not have; certainly with their clothes, it is highly unlikely that one bumps into another person wearing the exact same attire. ¬†In terms of pricing, you get what you pay for; the products are of high-quality and their prices are neither too high nor too low. ¬†They also package their products with great care and some really sweet text; mine said that it loved to see my awesome face :). ¬†How adorable is that? This time round, I decided to try out a high-low shirt from their Flamingo Collection.

     Of course, I had received all my packages before the floods took over.  This trip was quite a sad one for me though because of the devastation which occurred in my hometown; I am glad that I was there at the right time to help out my relatives.

     And so ends the drought of the blog posts :).





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Welcome September!!!

As you all are set to welcome the Fall season with all its eccentricities, I am terribly excited to greet with open arms, none other than my birthday month. ¬†Yes, like a lot of people out there, I am a proud Virgo as well ūüôā . ¬†Although I may not be able to revel in the glory of rolling around in the autumnal leaves, I can still eat cake. ¬†Does it bother me that I am growing older? ¬†Not so much, since I have always been a child at heart. ¬†It does trouble me when I take a look back at my career-chart ūüė¶ . ¬†However I hope to rectify it soon; if my passion does not get fulfilled in the coming months, then I shall start working upon my PhD application (fingers crossed).

I do have a few hauls to feel weirdly happy about; all the items were bought during the month of August during segregated periods of time (the Indian habit of pinching money has managed to get slowly incorporated into my D.N.A.). ¬†I do have a dress haul for my birthday as well, but I shan’t showcase it for I have not used it as yet. ¬†I have the superstition of not displaying newly bought items which I have not worn or used, for when I do show them off, they tend to get spoilt in some way or another. ¬†For instance, ketchup may fall on my expensive dress or the glass vase may get broken. ¬†This problem has occurred several times in the past, so there is no harm in being a bit too careful.

Haul Ahoy!!!

Aladdin Slippers
Aladdin Slippers

     I had bought these at Dubai Gold Souq.

Hair Stuff
Hair Stuff

I bought these at Dubai as well.  The shampoo did not work well with my hair.

M.A.C.!  O.P.I.

M.A.C. Huggable Lipcolour in Flaming Lips

M.A.C. Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed

O.P.I. nail-paint in Lincoln Park After Dark

I had bought these at the Dubai Duty Free.

Sanitising Your Mind
Sanitising Your Mind

Three hand-sanitisers: one for my office-desk, one for my handbag, and one for my vanity-chest.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey Look

Centrepoint Hopping
Centrepoint Hopping

White Grape Earrings

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Iced Caramel

NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie in Happy Buddha

¬† ¬† ¬†The birthday countdown has officially begun! ¬†Have a wonderful September, and please remember these three words…..Ice…Cream…Cake…!!!

Lots of Love

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